Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Res Gestae and metamorphoses

So, background into the naming of this blog.  I am a classics major, and a history lover at heart.  The Res Gestae was a text written by Augustus.  Literally meaning "the things done" or "the deeds", i thought it was a fitting title, since I hope that this blog will be a recording of my new adventures...

The metamorphoses....  A text written by Ovid, focusing around the changes that happen when people fall in love and do crazy things.  Although his texts dont show much connection, Ovid always seems to show that even the most rational people are quick to follow their hearts rather than their minds.  While this sometimes makes for crazy scenarios, its a true part of life.  Sometimes its hard to explain why we do things... because there is no true rational explanation behind it.  I can tell everyone the rational reasons for making Aliyah... but in the end I am doing it because I feel like its the right thing to do right now.  And i am hoping that keeping this blog will help explain why that is to others...  or perhaps find a connection with someone who feels the same way.

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