Monday, March 30, 2009

Step by Step

Well, its spring break where I teach, which means a week of being able to figure things out for aliyah.  We hope to finish the bulk of our packing, and figure out what we are bringing with us.  Everything electric needs converters, and its hard to figure out what is worth it to bring versus buying in Israel (any thoughts from people whove been there done that?).  the fact that I am pregnant has made things a little crazy... and i want to be all packed (hopefully) long before baby makes its appearance...  

the Nefesh BNefesh flight schedule for the summer came out... and it looks like our options are the 3rd week of August or the first week of September.  Rosh Hashana is early this year, which puts the second flight only about a week before the holidays start.  I like the later flight because the baby will be two weeks older (which may not seem like much, but at that age...), but the earlier flight would mean more time to set up before holiday craziness.  Luckily we have his family to help us set up, so we just have to decide whats best for us.  its all slowly coming into place, just working through everything.

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