Sunday, April 5, 2009

the beginning of getting ready

Well, the last week has been spent trying to organize things for our move... i know, its still pretty early, but I want it to be as done as possible! I think overall we are in pretty good shape. we have begun to get things finalized with the shipping company... which has been way more stressful then I would wish on anyone. How does one ever know which companies are better? All have testimonials, most have rants against them online... and each one has a list of bad things about the other companies you may be thinking of. In the end it just came down to instinct... and I guess we will see how that goes.

There is still a lot of discussion about this move, but I am coming more and more to terms with it. It is a big move, but I am glad to be making it now. We are both still young and starting out, and its definitely going to be an adventure. we have the support in Israel from his family, who are beyond excited that we are coming. I still wish there was a way to make Israel closer to my family... but that isn't really practical. for now we will deal with it, and do our best to make it seem as if we are right next door. any advice on that would be welcome though

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