Friday, April 24, 2009

the waiting game

All our papers have been turned in (except for soon to be babys), and we are still waiting.  The joy of having an Israeli husband is that I can make him call the Jewish Agency and Nefesh BNefesh... and for the most part they actually listen when he argues.  After a month and a half of waiting, they tell us we will get the visas next week...  Im not holding my breath, but I know that our shaliach (aliyah guide?  whats the term for that?) is getting annoyed that we keep calling and demanding our information.  We need it in order to get our flights settled, and to get the visa for the baby when it gets here.

it can be frustrating playing the waiting game, although for now its better than feeling behind.  the movers have been booked, most things have been packed (again, except for baby things), and here we are... just waiting.  A lot of times it doesnt feel real, since we are not actively doing anything about it right now.  Im sure it will sink in once I stop working, and our aliyah date gets closer and closer.  for now, I am just chugging through, and trying to clean out our stuff as much as possible...

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