Friday, May 8, 2009

the process

honestly, if I wasn't married to an Israeli, I have no idea if I would ever figure this whole Aliyah system out.  Every time I think I understand something, it changes all its rules on me!  Last night we went to a preview night, which was supposed to help people moving to Israel understand all the different systems.  There was a representative from Maccabi healthcare, from a real estate company, from a business start up company, a moving company and from the banks.  I was hoping for some insight, explained in "American" about the whole process.... but yea right.

The meccabi lady was fine, explaining how the healthcare system works.  we are not using maccabi (my husband likes his clalit), but still, it was interesting to hear.  And I never realized that Israeli healthcare has only been government run since 1995.  it didnt explain the whole system, but again, thats what being married to an Israeli is for.

after the healthcare was the business guy.  spent half an hour talking about the GDP, gnp and who knows what else of Israel.  and what to do if I want to start a high tech company through his business.  not particularly helpful, though my MIL is thinking about opening up a bakery, and they did have some connections for other small businesses.

then comes real estate.  slightly helpful, but again, mostly about this one guys particular business and how we should all use him to move to Efrat.  Sorry, Im not moving to Efrat.  And even though he did go over some basics about renting and buying, it would not have made much sense if my Israeli husband had not gone over all the information with me again....

we did not stay for the shipping or the banks, since we already have our shipping ordered, and I was way too tired to stay for the banks.  Once again I will just have to trust the Israeli in helping me navigate the system.  It was an interesting night, but I am still baffled at how anyone figures this out by themselves...  or maybe they all go just hoping it will turn out allright?  

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