Sunday, May 31, 2009

a new life

I knew going into it that this summer would be crazy... here it is the last day of may, and im already wondering how i was crazy enough to do this. baby has been great... overall she is quiet and absolutely adorable. I thank gd for my parents though, who have been so supportive helping us out when i just need a break or a nap. my inlaws come in two weeks, with my sister in law, and that will be interesting. just adding a whole other level to the mix. everyone has been so excited for the babys arrival, its still a shock to me.

on an aliyah level... next weekend is Israel in the Gardens, the yearly Israel celebration in the area. The Jewish Agency is holding a get together for all the new olim coming from here. i want to go to see who else is going, maybe make some connections... but i worry about taking a 2 week old to such a massive event. at least it would be outside, so i can cover her and hope people leave her alone. i would like to feel like i am getting somewhere with this aliyah thing, and meeting others would help. i wonder how many there are?

we are waiting on the babys birth certificate and ssn to go forward with her application. at least her name and birthday are in the system now, so thats a start. we also have to go take passport photos for her... which should be interesting trying to get a good shot with her eyes open. any advice?

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