Monday, April 13, 2009


This week has been just a little crazy, with pesach and everything that goes with it.  It is still one of my favorite holidays, but figuring out all of the logistics of it in the states can be tiring.  I am also working, which means dealing with lunches and parties and donut day.  our seder was actually a lot of fun, and really interesting... and i was excited to make sephardic charoset for the first time.

In aliyah specific news... well NBN is on break for pesach, so still waiting there...  but I am hosting interviews for people to take my job for next year... which helps add that level of "oh wow, this is... real".  People keep asking me where I am going, and when I say Israel... well peoples reactions are always interesting.  I seem to be saved some of the "youre completely crazy" because my husband is Israeli... which apparently makes me only partially crazy.  still, the first reaction is almost always "the war zone?"  "like with bombs?"  "whyy?????".  its hard to explain still, and I often feel like no matter how I try to explain it, people dont want to listen.  it MUST be crazy, because they think it is.  I wonder if I would get similar reactions moving to Ethiopia or Sudan or somewhere.

still, just chugging through the weeks, waiting for some real physical news from NBN (like an official plane date?  my visa?).  I guess it will all have to wait until after the holidays.  luckily weve got a steady stream of visitors for the next month and a half, and then baby at some point, BH... so i guess I should enjoy this down time

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Benji Lovitt said...

"Waht, ahr you crazee??? WHY YOU WANT TO LEEV HERE???"

If anyone in the States thinks it's dangerous in Israel, just tell them to turn on the local news for 10 minutes for the most recent random school shooting.

And I will step off my soapbox in 3...2...