Wednesday, June 24, 2009

visas and passports

we have been waiting for Maya's birth certificate, so we could apply for her passports, it took a month, but they finally came in. so we headed up to the israeli consulate in the city to get her passport paperwork in, and to get my aliyah visa. of course nothing is ever as simple as it seems. we had to, in order, go to the Jewish Agency to get signed paperwork, then to the state of california building to get her birth certificated appostilled, then to the Israeli consulate. of course the israeli consulate closes at 1pm, and we arent THAT close to city... so it required two days of running around.

the first issue was my name, which seems to be consistently spelled wrong, no matter how many times we correct the paperwork. then we headed to the consulate... which is always an experience in itself. the passport paperwork was easy... our passports, pictures of her (which took forever to get) and the paperwork... and shes on her way to being registered as an Israeli! then my paperwork...

they had asked for three copies of everything... which i had organized into three packets. when I handed it to the woman she yelled at me for not having it organized right... she handed it back and made me separate it out into the three copies of every paper with each other... when i handed it back she complained again, then resorted it into the way I had originally. fun. she kept saying she shouldnt be doing this... luckily y was there to back me up and complain right back.

all in all they say we should get both my visa and her passport in three weeks. we also sent in the paperwork for her american passport, which should be in in three weeks. so shell be an international citizen, and we will be ready for our aliyah. we are debating on flight dates, but sometime mid august. step by step

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