Tuesday, June 30, 2009

flight approval

well, we got an email saying that we have been approved for an NBN flight in August, all 3 of us! we got a specific date, but are still considering the flight after. its great to hear that all three of us have been approved, pending on my visa and Maya's passports. such a big step in the right direction.

my inlaws (and other family) have been looking for an apartment for us. once again, this process is so much easier with an israeli husband, and family there to help. im a little nervous getting a place without having seen it, but it is only renting. we dont need much space for now, but we would like it to be within walking distance of his family, for shabbat.

we have already signed Maya up for daycare, run by his aunt, starting in september or october. I hope to start ulpan then, which will last most of the day. things are moving, but its still kinda crazy to me that we will be there in less than two months.... and things are falling into place, slowly..

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