Wednesday, July 8, 2009

nbn flights

the first aliyah flight of the summer landed in israel yesterday, and they showed a live feed on the NBN website. I watched the replay of it, and it was great to see. the oldest oleh was 83, and the youngest was 7 weeks. i cant imagine moving with a baby Mayas age. the paperwork they must have had to push to get everything organized in time! we had been debating if we should go on an all olim flight, or a normal flight... and i think we want to take the olim flight. its a once in a lifetime experience... and we can get all of our paperwork done in the airport.

If you want to attend a welcome ceremony go to this link and if you want to watch, go here There are also pictures up on the NBN website if you want to check them out.

we are still waiting for the passports and visas to come in, and beginning the countdown. we got an email saying our lift will be in israel by the first week of august. it still seems crazy that we are moving halfway around the world in a month and a half... but also exciting.

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be'ershevaboheme6 said...

A friend of mine was on that first flight the other day...pretty cool.

I went to an NBN welcome ceremony in Israel once...coolest thing ever, and I was so jealous of the people on the other side of things...still could be me some day, who knows.

I think I got a job as a USY advisor for this year, which is's only part-time though, a stipend gig, so I'm still seeking full time work desperately.