Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 weeks

well, five weeks until the aliyah date. a lot to get done before then, but I am feeling ok with where we are right now. My inlaws have been looking for an apartment for us in the city they live in. Its been quite an experience. for some reason israelis count "room" numbers as all rooms, and not just bedrooms... so what would be a studio apartment here in the US is a 1 room apartment in israel. its totally thrown me off more than once. weve had a couple places look good, only to find out they were talking to multiple renters at once, all of whom were willing to rent longer than we are.

since this whole living in Israel thing will be new to me, we dont want to make a contract for longer than a year. who knows where we will want to be after this year? where will we be working? what about how we fit in (religiously, age wise, friend wise)? So we keep getting beat out of renting by native Israelis who commit to three+ years. the good news is that I think we finally found a place... a three bedroom (counting american style, 4 room israeli style) house, about 10-15 mins walking from both his parents and his aunt who will be our daycare. its also about that same amount from the tachana merkazit (central bus station) and the center of town. now i just hope it works out!

we are still waiting on my visa and the babys passports... hopefully by the end of this week. we have done a stock up run for deoderant, listerine, english books, etc... all the important things. i will try to post later about some of the emotions i am feeling... but for now baby is calling!


be'ershevaboheme6 said...

A house...and in Israel no less....I am VERY jealous.

So long as you have an ample guest bedroom/pull-out in the living room...you should know I make a great guest, I babysit and cook ;)

Lisa said...

we have a guest room! I dont know if its ample... but there will be room!

be'ershevaboheme6 said...

sounds good to me ;)