Tuesday, October 6, 2009

shiny new things

We bought a car! The biggest purchase we've ever made... We lasted a month and a half without a car... in the city itself we are fine, but with the baby taking the bus has become much harder. A car will help get groceries and do our farther traveling. I still plan to walk as much as possible because I like the time to myself and with the baby... but it will be so nice to not have to worry about how to get places.

I also received a care package from my parents! There is seriously nothing better than getting personal mail. It makes one feel loved and special.

Maya has started to mimic people, making the same noises we make back at us. She is consistently rolling from her back to her front, and it is impossible to leave her alone even for a second. Yesterday, for the first time, she tried to crawl! She shoved her legs under her and pushed forward... but pushed her head right into the ground instead. She still hasn't learned to sit up unassisted (and in fact doesn't seem the least bit interested), but she is still trying to crawl. Its amazing to watch her.

Other than that its been a quiet week, just enjoying sukkot and gearing up for Ami's wedding. Yehi had an interview yesterday, so hopefully we will hear the results of that soon. I am still waiting to get into some sort of daily schedule!

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