Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sometimes life here just seems surreal. There were multiple news headlines in the last couple days that gave me pause, and made me wonder what exactly people are thinking.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Palestinians living in Gaza are upset at the Hamas government for owing them money... for "investing" in the illegal tunnels running out of Gaza. Seriously... these locals are upset because they gave money to the government to dig illegal tunnels to smuggle in goods and arms, and since these tunnels have been destroyed by Israel, they want their money back. Hamas has so far repaid 16.5% of the investments. So Hamas is admitting to turning to the public (through the use of imams apparently) to dig illegal tunnels through which to smuggle things... what an investment.

Obama wins the nobel peace prize- really? Even if you are an Obama fan... what exactly has he done? What has he had time to do? Hes not exactly Gandhi or Mother Theresa... I was watching a news clip from the states, where a political analyst commented that they only gave Obama the Nobel because the European Union is excited that the US has a weak leader. Now isnt that something to be proud of...

Sometimes living here in the Middle East seems surreal. Sometimes it is so much like the states, and other times I read the news about the conflict and wonder what exactly I got myself into... Life has been quiet here, besides the news headlines... but so far nothing to affect us personally. Lets hope it stays that way for now

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be'ershevaboheme6 said...

weapons smuggling a bust economy the only sound investment is....oh wait, that's porn. Oooops. Yeah, bad call people of Gaza.