Saturday, February 13, 2010

the conflict

One thing that makes my aliyah different from others is that I am married to an Israeli. This means that although I may seem lost in some aspects of Israeli society, I have a large, ready-made sephardic israeli family to show me the ropes. This covers everything from shopping in a grocery store to attending major events. Sometimes it leaves me feeling even more american than usual, but sometimes its nice to have family around.

Last thursday my youngest brother in law became an officer in magav, the israeli border police. We got to attend the ceremony in the west bank, just out past modiin. It was really an exciting experience for him, and we were glad to be there to support him. The other military ceremonies I have been to have been for hundreds of soldiers, so I was surprised to see just 18 or 20 soldiers getting their rank. The head of the police was there to give a speech, and then they recieved their rank.

Following the ceremony, during the typical Israeli style picnic, we got into a discussion about the opening of route 443, which was the freeway we took out to the base. Recently the courts ordered that it be opened to Palestinian traffic, giving the surrounding Palestinian towns a quicker way into Israel proper. My husbands family is strongly right wing, and were all against the opening. As a Californian I was torn... I know that this can lead to many problems, but part of me hates the racist aspect of having a road closed to a local population. There is still a debate going on here about it, and it may be a while before the road actually opens.

There was also an article in the weekend paper about a group of terrorists who were caught in the south, planning a pigua here in KG. This seems very unlikely, as there isnt much here, but this is a stop for many soldiers on their way to bases, especially golani. Luckily my brother-in-laws unit caught them while they were still 70 or so miles away... but its a little scary. I always told people that I am glad to live in the boonies, because no one is purposely trying to attack us... I guess the point is that they want to reach everywhere in Israel. luckily we live in safer times (BH) Heres to a quiet week (and year!)

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