Thursday, August 19, 2010

one year

I know I never post anymore... but to be fair we havent spent much time in one place this summer. but I had to break the silence because...

today is our one year aliyah-versary! It has officially been one year since we landed here in Israel. Hard to believe how quickly it has gone, and how much has changed.

Sometimes its still hard to believe that we live in Israel, that we are really making a life here. I still miss my family everyday (many times a day really), but I feel better about my ability to survive as an Israeli citizen. My hebrew is far from fluent, but I can get by on my own in most situations... In the past year I have argued with an Israeli taxi driver, held a job as an israeli citizen, attended multiple events in a week, picked up hitchikers and helped out family sitting shiva.

I am currently reading a book called "Yesterday's Self", which is an analysis of immigrants and the effect immigration has on the individual. I feel strange calling myself an immigrant, but that is what I am. The book questions if it is possible for a person to move countries, yet still retain the same identity they call themselves. While a year ago I would have said yes, I no longer know. To be fair a lot has changed since we moved (motherhood, etc)... but I can also feel myself beginning to respond to daily situations differently than I would have before... mostly to fit into the local culture.

It has been a good year overall. may the next year be just as good! (and may I keep being able to see my family as much as I have this year, if not more)

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