Monday, May 31, 2010

It has been a peaceful couple months here... but that never lasts for long. Todays incident has brought a lot of fear and anger back into Israelis... it was for something a lot less serious than this that the last intifada was started.

I struggle with the Israel conflict. I see so many people (facebook friends, blogs I read, the news...) discussing 'Israel the aggressor' and 'the bloodbaths in Gaza'. I dont have the strength to fight everyones opinions, but I cant believe some of the blanket statements I hear. I never know if I should stand up for my new home or just let it pass. In college, Hillel used to tell students that there were three types of people when it came to any argument- the 'saints', the 'sinners' and the 'salvageables'.... basically that it was pointless to argue with anyone who was already blatantly anti-israel, because they would never listen, and instead to focus on the last group because they could still be 'converted'. That may sound horribly biased, but its true with all arguments that one believes strongly in.

It pains me when events like this happen, because then I realize how many people hate me just for being here... and I wonder why I would ever have brought my daughter into this situation. My husband on the other hand believes this is exactly why we are here... to show people that Israel has a right to defend itself and its citizens... including us. we will see what happens over the next couple days and weeks. heres hoping that it remains relatively peaceful...

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be'ershevaboheme6 said...

I don't think anyone "Hates YOU just for being there" and if they are placing hatred directly on you for Israel defending herself (or however they see it) that's an error in judgement they need to fix, not you.

America does lots of stupid unnecessary things, but anyone that hates ME because we're in Iraq is just plain ridiculous.