Sunday, May 2, 2010

What is the cost of education? And where does in rank in importance to everything else in life? My co-latin teacher and I were discussing Israeli education today, and the issues and benefits that come with it. I, thankfully, have a couple years before I need to start making decisions about education for my child, but it always sits at the top of my mind.

My husband and I both got very good educations. From the time I started grade school I knew that college was not an option... it was a fact. I went to private school for middle and high school, and got one of the best educations in the area. I am thankful everyday for the opportunities it provided. I have since gotten both my bachelors and my masters degree. Where I went to school this was the norm. My husband grew up in a very different area, but his parents decided to send him to an elite religious boarding school. He is the only one of his siblings to get a 4-year college degree (so far...).

We talk often about our options. Here in KG education is not paramount. Like many areas in the US, it is possible to get a good education here, but only if the parents (and the student of course) are very focused on finding the best options, and enforcing and encouraging education at home. This is something that seems natural to me, but it isnt to most families here. This area is much more blue collar, and most residents dont have a college degree. There is also the defining factor of the army... most people who do attend college only do so after the army... at the age of 22 or 23. This simple, but significant, factor encourages many to simply go straight to work after.

Luckily we have some time before making these decisions... but as teachers this is something that we talk about everyday. Every discussion makes me more and more thankful for my own upbringing and my parents insistence on a good education

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