Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day

Israelis dont celebrate Mothers Day, and its something that really bothers me. I get the idea of the Israeli "family day", but in reality no one celebrates it. And even though Mothers Day has turned into a serious Hallmark holiday in the states, I appreciate the importance of the day more every year.

My mother and I are too much alike in many ways, and VERY different in others. Growing up I never really appreciated what she did for us. My mom worked very hard in her career and her job, and I often complained that we were second place. I never took the time to notice that we ate dinner as a family together almost every night, or that until I was in High School most of our meals were home made.

Thats not to say, of course, that I NEVER appreciated my mother... I just didnt really understand her. How can a child ever truly understand what a parent goes through? I have been a mother less than a year, but I have already made some revelations in the parent-child bond. I am still the person i was before I became a mother... I have my own dreams and goals in my future career, and they are now mixed with the desire to offer my child(ren) the best that I can, included family meals and school events and everything else that may come. This is not an easy task, and I struggle with the conflict between who I was and who I am as a mother.

Being out on my own, in a foreign country, has really made me think about my childhood. I am sad sometimes that my child(ren) will not experience the same things I did... The fall decorations in school, learning the alphabet... and I worry that I will not be able to connect with the things they do learn in school, or the experiences they have growing up. Everyday I become more thankful for the opportunities my parents offered me, and I can only hope to offer them to my children.

So, for my mother who I worry sometimes thinks that I have forgotten her.... I love you so very much, and I am thankful for everything you have done. Happy Mothers Day.

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Mom said...

Thanks ... and we love you!