Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

My first thanksgiving in Israel was a success. I spent all day yesterday cooking, and most everything turned out well. I couldnt find all the spices or ingredients I needed, but I improvised and it all tasted like home. Our guests were mostly Israeli, and they were all excited to get a taste of America. They were wary of the sweet potato casserole and the pumpkin pie... and even though the two ended up tasting very similar, they all liked the casserole and didnt like the pie. There was no football game in the background, but there was a basketball game, so it was close.

Holidays can be tough, because I miss my family and I want to celebrate just as I did growing up. It was even hard doing the shopping for Thanksgiving because I felt so alone. No one around me was shopping for Thanksgiving, or even knew what it was. I guess I am starting a new tradition here, but it can be hard.

When I was growing up, Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. Since my mom is Jewish and my dad is not, it was always an issue with the grandparents around the holidays. They didnt celebrate the same holidays or have the same traditions. Thanksgiving was always the one time that my whole family could get together and really be relaxed. Its also near my grandmothers birthday, and Theresas. The very feeling of Thanksgiving to me is love- I have so many fond memories of our dinners and our time together. Watching the Thanksgiving day parade, cooking with my mom, making those last minute trips to the store to fight with all the other people trying to find that last piece of bread or can of cranberry sauce... I miss it. My thanksgiving wasnt the same, but it was a start and I am so thankful that my friends/family here gave me the chance to celebrate

As is traditional, I guess I should end with the things I am thankful for (B"H)
I am thankful for:
-A wonderful husband and amazing daughter
-My parents and my brother who miss me but still talk to me often (and who I will see soon!
-Friends/family who come to a thanksgiving dinner even when they have no idea what it is- just to support me
-that I can still keep some of the traditions I grew up with, and hopefully pass them on

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Happy Thanksgiving dear Lisa.