Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The city I live in isn't exactly jumping with excitement everyday. It is a city, has all the major conveniences, but lacks sorely in the entertainment department. No movie theater (they had one for a while, but it was closed down due to religious protests), no bowling arcade, one shopping mall that is kinda small. so what makes the whole city turn out in droves?

the opening of the new supermarket.

My husband has been working in this new supermarket to pass the time... his brother and his mom both work for the same chain, so he got in to help them set up. Last night was the grand opening. Its a Victory supermarket- and next to it they are opening up a new "Big", which the is company that owns the strip malls. So last night not only did this new supermarket open up, but also a Fox (clothing company), CafeCafe (restaurant), a book store, a pet store and some other places. This is more excitement then this city has seen in years.

I went over to grab some dinner... this city has very few restaurants, and almost ALL are shwarma or falafel joints, so I was excited for a new dairy place. I was expecting a crowd, but I was overwhelmed as I fought my way through the masses of people trying to enter the new grocery store. the line of cars outside the complex was huge. For a small city, this was a major event. I kept running into family members and friends of family members and people who somehow knew me but I didn't recognize. EVERYONE was out to see the show.

Coming from California, where there are multiple options for entertainment in a short drive (or a not so short drive, but close enough anyways), it was hard to understand this joy of a new strip mall. The biggest importance is hopefully a new influx of shoppers into the city. We are the "big city" to a lot of local moshavs, and if they come here rather than going to Beer Sheva (or the long way to jerusalem or tel aviv) then it would be great for us. Heres to hoping that this new strip mall proves its worth to the city

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Batya said...

Of course, it's a very major event, the big chains are in your city. Enjoy!