Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting back into shape

Before our wedding I was determined to loose 25 pounds, just to make sure that I looked thinner than my dear husband on our wedding day. After a year of weight watchers I had lost over 30 pounds... I felt better than I had in years, and I loved it. Since then I had a baby... and my body went back to its "usual" state, pre-weight watchers. The only weight watchers program here is no where near where we live, but I was determined to get back to my wedding weight.

So yesterday I finally got my act together, and convinced one of my soon to be sister in laws to go to an all women's studio with me. We had signed up for a step class (like jazzercize?), but when we got the there person at the desk suggested that we start with aerobics on our first day. So we joined a class... and the workout was harder than I ever would have imagined! Both of us were so sore about 15 mins in, and struggling to keep up. It didnt help that the teacher was convinced that the 2 Kg weight bar was far too light for me, and switched it with a 4 kg bar. Still, it felt amazing to be doing something to exercise... even if I am crazy sore today. My goal is to do this type of class twice a week, and pilates or yoga once a week for at least the next three months. I still have about 10-15 pounds of baby weight I would like to loose.... lets see how long I can keep it up.

Its also amazing to be here in Israel for those only in Israel moments... last night, after our aerobics class, they lit a channukiah and sang channukah songs. It was nice to have the moment. Its was also surprisingly nice to be in an all womens gym... I never really liked "curves" in the states, because it felt like they were lowering the exercise standards for women, but this was a hard core class for women. Now I just have to keep my resolve up.

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be'ershevaboheme6 said...

hehe just the thought of jazzercise kinda cracks me up. I looooooove yoga though, and I think you will too....the studio I go to here has mommy and baby yoga classes and it makes me want to kidnap someones child and join in...I wonder if there's anything like that in Israel?