Friday, December 25, 2009

visits... home?

Well, its finally here. After shabbat the baby and I will hop on a plane and head back to my home state (and country). Rest easy, its only for a visit... but I have been looking forward to it for a month now. Here in KG the weather has been beautiful and warm for the last two weeks... and its been driving me CRAZY. I have always loved California winters... the rain, the cold, without the freezing or eternal snow. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons... and I have been sorely deprived of them here. I am looking forward to the perfect California winter.

I am also looking forward to the time spent with my family. I miss them all terribly, and it hits closer to home on the holidays. Christmas is here today, and came and went with barely a notice. I do love that about Israel, but as someone who grew up celebrating all holidays, I kind of miss it too. I miss the walking around my great-grandmothers street looking at the lights (and the crazy neighbors who would bring in snow and dancers and other crazy items), I miss the time spent at my grandparents, the morning with my family.

Everyone always asks how I can live in a warzone. Just yesterday a father of 7 was shot near his home... For love of the country, for love of my husband, I am here and the conflict is a part of how I live my life... but far and away the hardest thing about living here is being a world away from my family, both in distance and culture. happy holidays to everyone, see you state-side

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