Sunday, January 3, 2010

California dreaming

Well, its been a quick week back here in the states. We survived a VERY long flight, made even longer with the extra boost in security after the underwear bomber. It is not easing to hold a fussy baby while also emptying out your suitcase in the middle of the airport so it can get screened. Many people complain about El Al's service, but the flight attendants on my flight were down right amazing, offering to help with the baby, clean out bottles, switch my seat to a bulk-head... it really made the flight a ton easier.

since we have been here I have been doing my shopping and visiting family. The baby caught a cold and seems to be getting her first tooth all at the same time, so its been a long couple nights. there has been some culture shock, but it more seems as if I am just living two different lives. There is the American me and the Israeli me... which is funny considering that I am not really Israeli at all. The lifestyles are just so different, as are our family connections. It has been interesting, and I will write more about it when we get back. for now enjoy your new year!

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