Wednesday, January 13, 2010

back in the land

Sometimes a person just needs a change of scenery to put their head back in the right place. Before I left for my visit to the states I was fed up with Israel. I was annoyed by the Israelis who always wanted to be in my face, I was sick of the hot weather in December and I was tired of always having to struggle with my hebrew in the grocery store and the bank. The bad was beginning to outweigh the good and I was just tired.

I spent my two weeks in the states visiting family, stocking up on food that I cant get here in Israel, relishing in not having to think so much in the grocery store or restaurants, and enjoying the colder weather. I did not experience culture shock as most people said I would, but I did get the feeling as if I was just living another life. Things in California are just so natural to me, it felt as if I had never left. The very essence of my life in California is just so completely different from here in Israel, and it is something I am still trying to get used to.

Today, back in Israel, I realized that I was not so annoyed with living here. I enjoyed the challenge of speaking hebrew again, I loved that Maya could play with her cousins, I was happy to be back at home with my husband, and it meant something again to be back here. I also start work tomorrow, after a nearly 8 month maternity leave. I am looking forward to finding my schedule, and I am excited about the work. It seems I just needed some time in my own world to get perspective on my life and why we are here. I still miss my family like crazy, and I definitely needed the time with them, but I am happy to be back. Hopefully this feeling will stay with me until my next visit to the states...

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mother in israel said...

Even after nearly 20 years there are still ups and downs. I'm glad you are feeling up! Good luck with the job.