Saturday, January 16, 2010


One of my biggest problems in the 5 months since we made aliyah has been my lack of a schedule. Growing up I went straight from school to college to grad school to working... and always had a set daily schedule that I lived by. Making aliyah and doing the stay at home mom thing have completely messed me up, and I think thats part of the reason why I have been so grumpy. I thrive on schedules and I miss having one.

But it looks like things are finally shaping up. In two weeks I go back to work part time, teaching. Even though I have a long commute, I look forward to being back in the classroom. Teaching has always been my passion, and I have missed being away from it. It will also give me a couple days a week of "adult conversation" in english, which I have missed terribly. We will see how well I do with the long commute.

Also, through the random connections that is Israel, I have a meeting with Partners 2000 here in KG. P2K is a program run by the jewish agency which brings American post-college kids here to Israel for... a year? For part of that time they are placed in needy communities, including right here in KG. A daughter of a friend of mine was helping them out, but thought that I would also be interested in hosting home stays and the like. Im not really sure what they will ask of me, but I am excited at the opportunity, and to have more english speakers my age around.

There is also a bloggers meeting coming up, the first one I will be able to attend, at least hopefully. I am so curious to meet people in real life who I read all the time, and who have helped me prepare for the aliyah process without even knowing it.

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be'ershevaboheme6 said...

sounds like things are really starting to fall into place over there. Where are you teaching exactly? I want details? and are you driving? Or doing public transport for this commute..