Sunday, March 21, 2010

the perfect weekend

last weekend was the perfect weekend. as a birthday gift from my grandparents we spend the weekend at a hotel in tel aviv. I had kosher sushi with my brother-in-law and his wife, a long walk through tel aviv, time in an antique market, explored Jaffo, got a manicure and spent a long quiet time with just my husband and our baby. It was the first time since she was born that we got away just the three of us... and it was wonderful. There were no schedules, no where we needed to be... just a lot of aimless walking and talking.

sometimes its nice to feel like a tourist. even my husband commented that he feels like a tourist in tel aviv... its almost as different from KG as San Francisco is. Speaking of, the SF JCRC had a meeting at the same hotel we stayed at! I wanted to sneak in and see if I knew anyone, but I didnt. I did however get to people watch- there was a wedding Thursday night that included all of the richest people in israel, from the owner of channel 2 to the owner of a bank. i didnt recognize any of them of course, but my husband was beyond excited.

all in all the weekend was much needed and much appreciated. I feel ready to take on the world... starting with my house. I have started cleaning for passover, but i really need to kick it into high gear. not a ton left to do, but all the hardest things... it will start right after i bake myself a birthday cake!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa. Glad to hear you had a nice getaway, just the three of you. Hope to see you soon . . . Your Poppy has started the daily countdown to your visit.