Sunday, March 7, 2010

passing ulpan... hopefully

Well, I had the oral part of my ulpan test... and I passed with flying colors! I have to take the written part (worth 70% of the final grade) in a week and a half. I feel like Im back in college again, cramming for an exam (though to be honest, we had more papers due than exams).

It rained on Purim (like it apparently always does) and the forecasters say it was our last storm of the winter. The weather has been acting appropriately, reaching the low 80s today on my drive into work. Its both a blessing and a curse here in the desert.

Last week I also experienced my first non-family Israeli wedding (read- first ashkenazi wedding in israel)... and it reminded me more of an American wedding than anything else. I guess I had come to assume that all israeli weddings were like the crazy sephardi events that I am used to, with fireworks, techno music and 500 guests. This wedding was at a small gallery in Yaffo, played typical american wedding music and was much more low key. It was nice to feel more at home at an event, though it was a surprise to me.

We are now on the official countdown until Passover. I have a week left of work, then a month break to get myself organized, then enjoy, the holiday. The preparation for passover here in Israel reminds me almost of christmas in the states- the frenzy starting a month before, the change in grocery stores, the rush to get ready... maybe that seems like a funny comparison, but it fits.

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