Monday, April 12, 2010

holocaust remembrance day

israelis can be hard to deal with. they are in your face, always in your business and never hesitate to tell you if you are doing something 'wrong'. there are moments living here that i just want to give up, to go back and hide in my safe house in america, and not worry or have to deal with israelis or israel.

but then there are moments. like today, yom hashoah. the siren goes off at 10am, and everyone stops. we were in the israelis version of babies-r-us, buying a new car seat, when the cashier says "its almost 10". I walked to the front door of the store as the siren went off... and everyone just stopped. cars stopped in the middle of the road, their drivers got out to pay their respects. we listened to the siren, each lost in our own thoughts. 65 years have passed, but to israelis, to israel, this is a real pain. as the siren faded away a lone car drove by, and those who had pulled over to pay their respects shouted at it. you dont interrupt remembrance.

all day the tv channels where either off the air or played world war II related movies and shows. this is a real part of israeli life, and i love it. in the states memorial day is filled with bbqs and shopping, here it is a real part of everyones day, everyone takes that time our to really remember what it costs to have a country, and the lives that are so easily given up. i love living in a country where the holidays are really meaningful, where people can appreciate the meaning behind the hallmark card.... even if it means dealing with the bad parts too.

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