Monday, April 5, 2010


Its still hard to believe how fast this year has gone. Last passover I was seriously pregnant, cooking for my family and friends in my parents guest house and teaching in the states... here we are a year later, with an amazing baby girl, living in israel and not lifting a finger for the holiday. it has its pluses and minuses... but once again its nice to be able to celebrate in a country that celebrates with me.

We spent the seder with yehis grandparents on the moshav. it was nice to get away from the "city".. though it was my first time experiencing seder with his grandparents. his grandmother doesnt trust pre-made food on passover, so she makes everything from scratch.... including the wine and olive oil, made from olives from their own back yard.

in the week of pesach we tried to enjoy the holiday... yehi tried kosher for passover mcdonalds hamburgers, which is quite an amazing feat. we enjoy multiple bbqs in our own backyard. i love the feeling of the whole country being on holiday and really celebrating with us. we also made a trip to jerusalem, to the kotel... huge crowds, lots of heat... but worth it. we also stopped in the new mamilla mall, which was just like being back in the states- tommy, polo, gap, nine west..... quite a show, all for 4 times the price! actually i was surprised that the gap prices werent higher... but i still think ill wait for my trips to the states to buy.

tonight is mimouna, the sephardic holiday for the end of passover. it means a massive party on the moshav, with a live band and tons of food. its a little harder with the baby and passover ending so late... but its time to enjoy bread again!

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