Wednesday, April 14, 2010

small world.

I decided to take the baby out to the shuk (market) today, to let her look at all the colors and the actions going on. She loves "talking" back to the vendors yelling their prices and to look at all the items. On the way back I stopped at aroma (a coffee shop) to get something to drink... and outside the mall here in KG was a LARGE group of kids.... speaking english!

this is a major event here. i stopped and asked one of the adults where they were from... and of course they were from california! it was a group of 60 some odd middle schoolers, from a jewish day school. i knew the school, and the teacher i talked to knew the school i used to teach at. it was nice to talk to people who come from near me... its something small i know, but its so nice to talk to people who understand how you grew up. even if their upbringing was different, the simple proximity creates a bond. and it just goes to show how small of a world we really live in.

in other news, the city is gearing up to independence day next week. the flags are flying and the bbqs are getting ready. i am really excited to celebrate it for the first time as an israeli myself.

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