Thursday, September 17, 2009

job hunting

good news on the job front- next week I have two interviews, both for part time teaching. I still don't know what kind of time commitment I am looking for. I want to spend time with my daughter, but I also know that after four months of doing the stay at home mom thing I am more than ready to be back in the job market. Both of the jobs have pluses and minuses, so we will just have to see how they go.

The job market for my husband has been tougher. The High Tech industry, while on the upswing, still hasnt really settled in. Hes been getting calls, but nothing particularly relevant. hopefully that will pick up after the holidays. He is also looking into teaching, which apparently has a much stronger market, even if less pay.

We have been gone a month now. I know this all takes time, and I am enjoying that we can take time to just be together, and to do things we want to do. We are in no serious pressure right now to HAVE to have jobs, so its been ok. We are both beginning to get restless though, so hopefully things will turn around soon, after the holidays.


Stephanie said...

I simply love your blog..keep blogging..I fell in love with Israel last year and love reading stories of aliyah..Maybe God has israel in store for me and my husband one day? Shana Tova to you and your family!

Israel W. said...

Shanah Tovah.
Good luck with your interviews.
Take a look at some tips I put together for interviewing in Israel, I think you will find it funny and maybe useful.

Lisa said...

thank you both!
stephanie- its not easy to move, but it can be worth it! stay around to see.

Israel W- I read that before, but I will make sure to brush up before I go! neither are really "israeli" organizations, but its always good to be prepared

be'ershevaboheme6 said...

Shanah Tovah!!!!!!