Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the job search

Well, both interviews went well. I fell in love with one of the places, which currently only has part time, with the opportunity to move to full time next year. In a way that is good, with the baby, ulpan and being a new immigrant and everything, I may be glad to only be working part time.

Berlitz on the other hand felt like it didnt matter who I was or what my teaching style was. It may be good just to keep busy, but it definitely does not encourage individual thought. In graduate school I learned a lot about teaching students English as a second language, and while I agree with what a lot of Berlitz does, I was slightly offended when my interviewer told me that if students did not read up to par to just keep going, since reading isn't important. I get that Berlitz wants to encourage speaking more than anything, but to completely ignore reading? The point seems to not be to teach them English, but to teach the students how to repeat phrases. Maybe it would be different in the classroom, but the way he was explaining it... well it didn't seem too attractive.

We will see where it all leads. We are hopefully getting our lift before Yom Kippur, but after the whole issue yesterday the guy is not making any promises. heres to hoping we get our things soon!

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