Thursday, September 24, 2009

material things

I know that in this time between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, one should really not be thinking about material things. It is a time to remember that our lives are short, and what is important is our spiritual and deeper connections with the world and what lays beyond.

That being said.... WE GOT OUR LIFT! It may seem superficial, but that is not the main focus. It isn't that I am happy at having things again, or how much I have... It's just that moving across the world, away from my family, has been hard. I miss the things that I grew up with, the things that I am used to. Thats why it is a blessing to have our lift. In it are pictures of friends and family, memorabilia from my past, things that make me so thankful for my life. We have boxes with pictures from our wedding, memorabilia from our time together, even books and outfits from my childhood. Each of them holds a special place in my heart, and reminds me of the people I love.

The hardest thing by far about living in Israel so far has been the distance from my family. I am glad to have these things here, even after all the drama. In the end the movers were nice, and everything went smoothly. Our things are mostly organized, but some of our boxes will be going back into storage until we get a slightly bigger place. Step by step we are making this home.

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