Wednesday, August 12, 2009


the process of making aliyah is nothing like moving to any other country. there is, of course, the fact that this is the holy land, and all the good and bad that goes along with that. but even more than the culture shock is the general process.

when we moved yehi to the us it was a crazy mass of paperwork. it took us two years and thousands of dollars... not to mention the paperwork, the being interviewed (both before he got here and after) and the questioning of our relationship and the reasons for his move. at every turn we were questioned and doubted. it was worth it, but it wasnt easy by any means... and we had an "easier" time because we were engaged, had been together for a while, and had met in person the first time.

so far, to move to israel, we have paid $150 (not counting our shipping, just for paper processing), filled out paperwork and had one meeting. the israeli government is giving us something like $9000 over the next year as adjustment help (our sal klita), plus free ulpan, a free flight for the three of us (which would have cost us close to $3000) plus much more. its been a blessing, even when the beauracracy has been annoying.

so why do i bring this up? ive been hearing a lot recently from people who are israeli born, or have israeli born parents, who live outside of israel complaining about not being able to get full benefits, and its driving me crazy! israel encourages people to move, which is amazing.. and its a bonus, not a right that the government and nbn help out. if there were not bonus rights, people should still want to make aliyah... and if they are only making aliyah for the money and benefits, then chances are they will be moving out of israel rather quickly. i am all for the benefits... but what is the message that is being sent? its the same way that illegal immigrants to the US bother me... every government has the right to make rules about who is a citizen, and no one can expect to just move to another country, get money/free health care/unemployment. i am thankful that we will get help, but we are not moving for the benefits.... it is so much more


Israel W. said...

You are ready to get here, aren't you?
Regarding paperwork and bureaucracy, just wait to get here and try to get your drivers license, I recommend you read this funny blog post:

By the way NbN provides with that money and help with all the paperwork. The rest of the benefits are from the government (plane tickets, sal Klita, Ulpan, Health insurance, etc..). I believe that the amount you get by NbN should be kept confidential since not everyone gets it and it's different amounts for each applicant.
Isn't it a miracle that the jewish state can help jews immigrate to the promissed land?

Lisa said...

we didnt get any money from nbn, but i know people do... i always have been confused exactly what comes from the government alone, so thanks for clearing that up!

we are ready to go... as much as possilbe.... and it is such a miracle we are able to!