Saturday, August 22, 2009

home sweet home

the past couple days have been a crazy blur. ill try to back up and tell all about our move. after the arrival ceremony on wednesday, we headed to KG to our new rented place. its a small three bedroom, one bath duplex kinda thing. yehis parents had set up the kitchen/living room and Mayas room, and both were great. they had also pre-stocked the fridge, which made life MUCH easier. of course we dont have our bed yet, so our room is the only one empty, save a couple mattresses on the floor. we were hoping to get a bunch of stuff done that first day, but we forgot that yehi had turned in his teudat zeut (id card) so we couldnt do ANYTHING.

the last couple days have been nice. HOT AS ALL CAN BE which is frustrating. and the constant switch from really hot to cold air conditioning has Maya fighting off her first cold, which doesnt help my nerves.

thursday we went to look at furniture, since most israeli places dont come with built in closets. the only storage space we have at the moment is in Mays room.... hopefully that will change today. Friday we did some basic errands, and then spent shabbat with yehis parents. his two next brothers were there, with thier girlfriends/fiance. it was nice to be able to relax. i went to services and was so thankful to be here, in israel, with a wonderful family of my own. it was hard being without my own family, and im still not sure how to deal with that part of the move.

saturday night was yehis cousins birthday, so we went out after shabbat to celebrate. Maya got to hang out with her new cousins, and we got to reorganize ourselves into israeli life. its been great so far. we get our id cards monday, so this week will be full of opening bank accounts, releasing our shipment (finally!), getting cell phones and the like. love you all, miss you all to

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