Thursday, August 27, 2009

taking care of... stuff

this whole week has just been a mess of running from office to office to office. after we FINALLY got our id cards, we needed to go to the ministry of absorption to try to figure out what our status is as immigrants. i am an immigrant, maya is something like a returning resident... but for some reason no one can figure out what yehis status is! we filled out some paperwork, and were told that in about 3 months they would tell us. the only thing it would change would be how much help from the government we would get, so we can wait.

i also had to get approved for ulpan, the hebrew classes. turns out there is a first level (aleph) class starting next week right here in KG! the bad news is i dont really need level one, i need level two (bet), and the aleph class is a night class. i really need a bet class in the morning. they dont yet have enough people to open up a bet class, so they told me to come in next week to the first aleph class and see how it goes... i dont really want to sit through a whole ulpan aleph again, but hopefully they will be opening up a new class soon.

today we also had our first visit to the kupat cholim, or the doctors! we wanted to take maya in, simply to meet her doctor, hand over her information and just do a brief well check. all went smoothly, though the doctor did try to guilt me into not switching to formula. we had started because i was going to start ulpan in the day while maya was at daycare... but if ulpan is at night we will have to see i guess.

emotionally its been a challenging couple days. i enjoy having so much to do, but when i get a chance to stop and think... well its been hard. i miss my family, and i miss them being able to see maya growing and changing, even in the last week. lots of skype and phone calls help, but of course its still not the same...

to cheet me up we are having a welcome home party tonight, which has apparently turned into a massive bbq, israeli style. if you want to see pictures i will post them up on facebook... love you all, miss you all too!

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be'ershevaboheme6 said...

there better be potatoes thrown in the fire...that's pretty much the defining characteristic of Israeli BBQs...