Monday, August 24, 2009

settling in

well, after all that traveling, maya was bound to get a little sick. she was running a fever saturday (though only a low one, thank gd), so we pretty much vegged out on Sunday. we did manage to get our wireless internet installed, which is great!

today we had to go up to jerusalem to get our israeli id cards. the way up to the office was crazy, but inside NBN managed to keep everything pretty well organized. we got our id cards (im now israeli!... and yehi is officially married with a child.), then got to walk around a bit and talk to representatives from all different companies. there were only two people who knew about the south, both from health care places... all the others acted as if nothing existed outside of jerusalem/bet shemesh/ranaana etc.

we are scheduled to get a washer AND a dryer this week, and a closet next week. hopefully tmw we will be able to begin the process of getting all of our stuff off of our lift and into our home... though i am not sure where we will put everything. i am glad we didnt bring anything big other than our bed.

for now its just a day by day set up. i wonder when this whole move will begin to feel real... love you all, miss you all too

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be'ershevaboheme6 said...

I don't even have my own washer and dryer...JEALOUS!