Monday, August 17, 2009

off we go...

well, the countdown is finally down to hours. tonight we leave SF, and head to NY where we will meet the rest of our flight and the other immigrants (olim). we have a LONG journey ahead of us, but i think we are surprisingly prepared.

i did some math, and figured out that between us (2 adults and a baby), we are carrying something like 500 pounds of luggage... not to mention ourselves. most of that is checked luggage at least... but wow! i am not looking forward to carrying all of that through the airport.

we did hear back from our shipment, and it has arrived! apparently it just arrived on friday, which works out perfectly for us. hopefully we wont be without a mattress for too long.

thats it, as we run around trying to make sure its all together. for those of you who dont know.. i have a horrible fear of flying which is kicking in about now. just gotta breathe and focus. hopefully we will see you safe and sound on the other side. we love you all very much... and will try to post from NY.

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be'ershevaboheme6 said...

I worked out arms today, so I'll be nice and strong for bag carrying in JFK tomorrow!